First Time Users

                 Once you have clicked on the GIS Map link to the left, your browser window will look similar to the one below.

Top Tool Bar

Six tools are located on the top left below the word “GIS Dept.”


Edge Pan -To use this tool, click on the edge of the map in the direction that you would like

                   the map to move in.

Zoom in - To use this tool, click on the map in the area you would like to zoom into.

Zoom out - To use this tool, click on the map in the area you would like to zoom out from.

Zoom Box - To use this tool, draw a box around the area you would like to see closer.

Zoom to Fit - This control will zoom back to the beginning with the entire area in view.

Information - This tool will display information about the area you click below the map.

                       It displays information about the top layer in the list that is checked on If

                        you do not receive information about the layer you were anticipating, try

                        turning off all other layers and try again.



Side Task Panel

Panel located to right of map. This panel contains three headings; Find, Layers, and Legend.


These panels can be collapsed or expanded by clicking the arrows on the extreme right of each heading.


Find– This tool can be used to aid in finding information on the map. In the “find” box, type       

            the information you wish to locate. Then, on the “within” drop-down box, select the field that you would like to search in. These fields represent all of  the layers included in the map. This can get confusing, we are currently working to separate this in a better form, so please bear with us.  You must then click the “Go” button. DO NOT hit enter, as this will give an error.

               If you receive this error, simply click the “back” button on your browser  window and

               repeat the search using “Go”.

Layers– This list of layers can be turned “on” or “off” by checking/unchecking the box  beside the

              layer label.

Legend– This box contains the symbology displayed on the map and the layer that it  corresponds with.




Welcome to The Town of Highlands GIS (Geographic Information Systems) Home. Here you can proceed onto our interactive Map Site, or our Data Downloads page. If this is the first time using this site please refer to the instructions below.